Idea Wall

At Bene, we have cooperated closely with a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria to develop an interactive wall module for meetings, brainstorming sessions, visual presentations and innovation processes. In short, it is a system that creates a digital creativity space, pro-moting inspiration and ideas.

You need more than creative employees and technology to facilitate a successful thought development process. You also need a space that supports the various stages of the idea finding process, that gives you enough room to think and develop. Suite by Hoylu, the smart technology package, provides the digital support needed during group ideation processes. This package when integrated with Bene’s wall products, W4 and NOOXS, forms a multimedia innovation surface that provides space for up to seven people to work together on digital content. Together a team can use the IDEA WALL to write, draw and navigate.

The results of creative meetings, presentations or brainstorming sessions can be saved or sent electronically, perfectly supporting and documenting  the innovation process. The technology from Hoylu is unique in many ways. Intuitive usability means that participants quickly learn how to use the wall. Those who prefer to work on paper can project their work onto the wall by writing in the notepad. The IDEA WALL offers a new way of working that ensures that every participant is actively involved.

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