SLOPE Management

Výrobca: Bene
Dizajn: Christian Horner, Johannes Scherr, Kai Stania

Design follows function? That was yesterday. Today, form and function are equal partners. And  rightly so. After all, in a world of limitless possibilities, things can be equally practical and beautiful. SLOPE follows exactly this aspiration. The desk sets new accents in the office through the frame legs striking shape. SLOPE achieves an especially stylish look through a polished aluminium frame. The success story of polished aluminium began in the 1950s. SLOPE has incorporated the all-time classic into its range, giving the table a timeless elegant touch. The striking shape of the frame leg brings to the desk a certain lightness. The design of SLOPE is at its best as an individual desk. However, it’s no loner: SLOPE is also available as a WORKBENCH or a meeting table, meaning that different zones and areas of the office can be furnished with a continuous design.

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